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Vastu consultant in Kolkata counts role of material, structure and color for bedroom vastu as well!

Vastu consultant in Kolkata heavily relies on role of directions for vastu evaluation in both home and office spaces. After all, utilizing the best of each direction is crucial for making the best possible environment for us. Bedroom vastu is every bit crucial as the vastu of any other part of the home, be it temple, kitchen or anything else. 

In this blog post, vastu consultant in Kolkata will explore the wisdom of Vastu experts regarding the material, structure, and color choices for the bedroom. Additionally, we’ll delve into some practical Bedroom Vastu tips that can enhance the overall energy of your personal haven.

The first and foremost thing about the bedroom vastu is its placement in the right zone. Out of the 16 zones, most zones are considered good. However, you must cross check their suitability. For instance, some zonal bedroom is good for the guest room, but not for family members to sleep in. Also, some zones are good for grown ups to sleep in, but students should refrain from sleeping here. 

So, after you have finalized a good zone for your bedroom, now you should focus on the secondary factors, mainly on the material, structure and colors associated with the bedroom vastu. Thankfully vastu consultant in Kolkata is here to help you out with everything.  

What material is good for bedroom vastu?

Vastu experts emphasize the significance of material, particularly when it comes to bed. While metal beds and other modern materials are popular, experts recommend opting for wooden beds for the best results. Wood is after all an element of nature and has its positive property. As a cheaper alternative you can consider ply wood bed as well.  

Using wooden furniture cast a grounding effect in mind and promotes a sense of warmth and tranquility in the bedroom. So, it is best to use a wooden bed for best result. However, if you have a metal framed bed, there is no reason to change it on impulse, as long as it is placed in the right zone and bides other factors of bedroom vastu, says vastu consultant in Kolkata

Pay attention to the placement of the bed as well. See that it not jammed right against any corner of the room or is present underneath any beam. In either of these cases, you must shift the bed sideways to break these orientations. Also make sure that the head of the bed does not point towards the north direction. South and east heading direction is best for most individuals, but west is beneficial for some too. 

What structure is good for bedroom vastu?

There are 2 main types of bed available in market these days, open bed and boxed bed. Vastu consultant in Kolkata advises choosing an open bed over a boxed one because boxed bed’s underbelly is extensively used to stack excess items. Because of which, lots of cluttering and accumulation of dirt, dust and negative energy takes place. 

You should not fill up the space underneath the open bed either, because the empty space beneath the bed is considered beneficial for channeling positive energy. Needless to say, it makes cleaning far easier as well. It’s essential to avoid clutter in this area to allow for a free flow of energy and air, which contributes to a peaceful atmosphere.

The shape of the bed is also crucial in Vastu for bedroom. Rectangular or square beds are favored as they promote stability and balance by aligning with the vastu principles. You should avoid using any abstract or round-shaped ones. 

What Colors are considered good for the bedroom vastu?

The color scheme of the bedroom plays a pivotal role in Vastu, just like that of any corner of the property. You must pick color based on the zone of the bedroom. For instance if the bedroom is present in the fire zones, then you should choose red and pink colors. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends golden and yellow color for bed in the earth zones. For space zones you need grey and white colored interiors. Go with the blue and black colors if your bedroom is present in the water zones. At last, the green and brown colors are suitable air element zones. 

No matter what colors you have to select, you need to go with the soft, soothing colors for the interiors, which will create a calming ambiance on the mind since it attracts light. You must avoid dark colors at all cost because it soaks up the light that falls on it. As a result, it brings gloominess and depression on the mind of residents. 

You need to follow the same guidelines when it comes to using wallpapers and other fabrics as well. This includes curtains, bedspreads, pillow case and other fabrics. However, if you might be able to install blackout curtains to clock the daylight if you need peaceful sleep during the day after shifting duty or due to health reason. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata strictly recommends sticking to the vastu guidelines to attract good energies to your sleeping environment. In addition, you can keep some indoor plants, suitable paintings or art work or other vastu items to amplify positive energies in the room. Seek guidance from a Vastu expert for the ideal placement of these items for added advantages.


Incorporating Vastu principles into your bedroom can create a space that promotes positive energy, tranquility, and restful sleep. From choosing the right materials for the bed itself, its shape and furniture of the bedroom, along with selecting soothing colors and incorporating Vastu items; everything can be a contributing factor for the overall bedroom vastu. Making these simple adjustments as per vastu consultant in Kolkata can have a profound impact on the overall harmony of your sleeping space and life in general.  

Remember to consult with a Vastu expert for personalized guidance, based on your individual needs and space available. Rely on the expertise of Vaastu Mangaal for all your needs. Visit our website for know more. Description- In this blog, vastu consultant in Kolkata explains the role of using right material, and colors and other secondary attributes for constructing overall good bedroom vastu.

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