Wait a while! Are you looking for a free and fast resource for Leopard courier tracking? Do you want leopard tracking with the exact update of the parcel? Then don’t go further as we provide this service without wasting a single minute. Indeed, Leopards Courier is a company that secured a high name among all courier networks because of its honest services.

How to Track Leopard Courier?

You can track the leopard courier by entering the shipment number in the above-given box. Besides huge benefits, leopard tracking also provides an easy way to track your parcel now. We provide an automatic online tracking system by which people can easily track their shipments. If anyone wants to know the location of their parcel, you can check easily at home without calling the main office. Here the method given by which people can track their parcels easily is detailed below:

Simple Steps to Track Online

To LPS tracking online, simply follow the guidelines below.

  • Check your mail or SMS from the courier company.
  • Visit leopardtracking.com and here by scrolling down on the website you’ll see a tracking box.
  • Enter the provided leopard courier PWD or 14-digit tracking number in the box.
  • The full tracking data will be shown on your screen.

Lcs tracking participates passionately in the delivery market of the country. It is serving the whole country through 164 major hubs. There are almost 1036 accessibly located offices. For delivery purposes, the leopard courier provides transcontinental services that are economically affordable and fairly popular.

Leopard Courier Service was started in 1983 in Pakistan with the idea of small businesses passing letters and documents in 5 selected cities of the country, which is now transformed into warehousing and courier providing services with more than 700 express centers in Pakistan. This tracking courier has achieved extraordinary success under the leadership of the founder of Courier Company Pvt, Mian Jahangir Shahid, and offers its services in the most remote areas across Pakistan.

Other Methods to Track Leopard Parcels

We have provided all available ways for you to track your order to make the procedure quick and straightforward.

1.      Leopard Courier Tracking Via Website

Users of the leopard courier can follow the package transported anywhere in the nation via the company’s website. You will receive a CN number whenever you send an item that you can use to track your package. Utilizing a site is one way to locate and monitor a leopard courier.

Note: The URL of the website is http://leopardscourier.com/pk  leopard login portal

· First, Visit the leopard courier site first; the URL is provided under the image. The text box with TRACK printed next to it can be found there. Input the CN number you provided after completing your order. Then select Track to locate your leopard courier.

·         Secondly, you can go straight to the Leopard Courier Company’s tracking page, which was created expressly for that purpose. To retrieve the data or results you need, input the CN number (provided to you when completing your order) inside the text box in the center of the internet page. Then, press the yellow “Trace” button beside the text box. Following the image is a link to the page’s URL.

·         Thirdly, you may track by visiting our link. Monitor your package by entering the Leopard courier tracking details. 

Note: You can track your M&P order using our website’s M&P tracking page. See the link to this page for online instant tracking: https://leopardtracking.com/mp-tracking/. In addition, TRAX tracking can be done using this https://leopardtracking.com/trax-courier-tracking/ link.

For the call courier tracking parcels, we’ve established a separate tracking system that you can use in the same way by putting the tracking number.

2.      Leopard Courier Tracking by SMS

Correspondingly, Leopard Courier has the capability of SMS order tracking. You may track a particular shipment or courier delivery by sending an SMS. Simply send the SMS to 8601 using the specified format.

· First, to get started, just text a tracking ID to 8061. It is the easiest way to track your leopard order without the internet. 

·         Secondly, Track [tracking ID#] and transmit it to 8061, for instance.

·         Thirdly, you will receive a confirmation text and a note with all the essential knowledge immediately or occasionally a little later. Additionally, you can see where your package is in the shipment.

3.      Leopard Courier Tracking Through Telephone or Email

Call the appropriate center or headquarters of the leopard courier in your area if the package tracking feature isn’t working. So, use the Leopard courier phone number to get an immediate response.

·         Firstly, the website’s CONTACT US page provides information about the office, including its address and contact information. Thus, the company website link is provided below.

·         Secondly, you could email the customer support department at leopard courier with your issue. Simply send an email to ” [email protected]” with the subject “order tracking” and the traceability Number.

Leopard Tracking System

With the LCS tracking system, you can easily track your parcel with just one click. It includes overnight and C.O.D. (cash on delivery) services. By entering a 14-digit tracking number, you can trace your parcel within no time. They are also providing online e-tailors and e-commerce services.

Tracking eFulfillment Shipments

Once the company has picked up or packed the parcel, the customer can easily track it. Leopard is giving a competitive edge to small businesses by fulfilling their needs. International exporting is not a thing to worry about now. The company workers will ensure the safety and security of your products. You can track your international shipment by tracking numbers end to end. In case of any problem, you can surely contact the head office located in your area.

Quality Tracking

Customer satisfaction is the first preference of the company. Leopard tracking is mainly designed to track all your domestic and international packages on one platform to facilitate customer’s life. People parcel their important documents by Leopard Courier without any fear of misplacing them. These measures make the leopard courier tracking system the number one network operating in Pakistan.

Delivery Hours And Working Days

According to the schedule, the official timing of the delivery of parcels is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  But you can get any help from them anytime because they are working 24/7.

They work throughout the week, but the delivery of parcels is closed on Sunday. However, in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, delivery is done throughout the week. Delivery of parcels on Sundays includes the charges of 250 Rs. Furthermore, you can check the leopard courier Karachi contact number and call them.

Free Pickup Services

An exciting service by Leopard Courier Tracking is that they pick up your parcel from your home or any place without any charges. For this, you have to call the Leopard courier helpline number 111-300-786 and book your parcel for pickup. Company workers will come to your place and pick up your package without any cost. Another greater facility available by Leopard Courier is C.O.D. (cash on delivery). Because of such great features by the company, it got its name in the air.

Services Rendered by Leopard Courier

  • Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is the major facility Leopard Courier is offering to the public. It is beneficial for small businesses or home-based businesses. It reaches 1500 destinations in the country and receives payment within three working days. In this way, C.O.D. service is also expanding small businesses. Also, the C.O.D. charges are really minimal.

  • International Delivery

Leopard Express is also offering international delivery at very cheap rates for the public. You can deliver your parcels to 2200 different international destinations. It also offers other deliveries in Pakistan at very reasonable prices.

  • Overnight Service

They also offer an overnight express service. You can receive your files and packages the very next day by overnight service. But the charges for this urgent service are more than 250 Rs. The overnight service made it one of the fastest courier networks working in Pakistan.

  • Giftwifts Service

Leopard Courier company offers a unique service for sending gifts. Now, you can send gifts to your dear ones throughout the world through the Giftwifts service. People choose this service by leopard courier because of its unique collection of gifts, extensive network in Pakistan, and top-notch customer service.

  • Overland Service

It becomes much easier to deliver your bulky materials and heavy shipments to other places by Leopard Courier. You don’t need to worry about bulky parcels because you can check the delivery status at any time by using the Leopard tracking number. They offer safe and secure delivery of your bulky shipments within 72 hours of working days.

  • eFulfillment Service

With this service, people can store their products in Leopard fulfillment centers. Company workers will pick, pack and deliver it to your desired place with all safety and security measures.


The world has greatly achieved success in the realm of information and technology. It has polished the path for a luxurious living style and the need to acquire the best quality products. Due to this reason, E-commerce is making monumental growth in recent years, and according to research, it is assumed that it will reach $6.5 trillion by the year 2023. From now on, Leopard Courier Tracking is offering amazing cash-on-delivery services to fulfill the needs of small businesses and customers needs.

In the past, small businesses were not encouraged because they didn’t afford to deliver their needs to other places by themselves. Nowadays, customers receive their parcels at their doorsteps at very reasonable delivery charges. Technologies have progressed in every field of life. One other reason for the popularity of Leopard Courier Tracking company is social media. Social media plays a vital role in the progress of small online businesses. This is how people came to know more about the courier network.

Leopard Courier Helpline Numbers

Each of Pakistan’s main cities has a Leopard Courier head office. Only a very small number of issues may require you to leopard contact the head office; the nearby office may be able to answer your question. Moreover, here is a table of each city’s corporate headquarters. 

The list carries the leopard courier helpline number Karachi, leopard courier contact number Islamabad, leopard helpline number Lahore, and leopard Hyderabad.


How long does it take for Leopard courier to deliver?
If you are waiting for your parcel via Leopard, keep in mind the days they require to deliver. Leopard requires 24 to 36 hours to deliver leopard courier.
Does Leopard deliver on Sunday?
No leopard courier service is not available for Sunday. They only deliver courier from Monday to Saturday only.
Is Leopard Courier fast?
Leopard is one of the fastest courier delivery companies. Just book today and get your things or parcels with very next day. No delays, no worries.

No doubt the leopard courier is one of the famous companies for delivering your parcels. Therefore, don’t worry about tracking your courier when we are here for you. Just follow the above-given method and track your cursor for free.

The progress of Leopard Courier Tracking Company set an example that achievement always starts from a small point. It is said that over 38 years ago, it started as a very small business. Leopard Courier achieves a huge name within no time, and now they are handling over 90 million packages per year. The low prices of delivery and C.O.D. (cash on delivery) are the main reasons for the popularity of Leopard Services company.