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The Truth About Leopard Flyer Express Is About To Be Revealed.

Flyer Express is the service by which you can deliver your items to the provided location by air. Besides, this service is ideal when you have to deliver precious stuff and critical files quickly. In Pakistan, Leopard Flyer Express is the best and most reliable in every aspect, and it only faces competition from its arch-rival TCS. 

You can trust Leopard Flyer Express for the delivery of your confidential and valuable goods and documents at competitive market rates.The success story of Leopard Flyer Express may inspire you to start your own LLC. Your first action might be understanding service providers who can help you navigate this process. For that, a zenbusiness llc review might be a good jumping-off point to get an overview of a trusted service provider in this space.

Why should you choose Leopard Flyer? 

You can trust Leopard Flyer Express for the delivery of your confidential and valuable goods and documents at competitive market rates. Usually, your commodities are delivered between 9 to 5 p.m. Still, on your request, if the receiver is not available at the location, then your stuff will reach its destination in the off period without any additional charges.  

What are the charges according to Leopard Flyer Size? 

The charge of delivering items as per their weight category is as follows: 

Weight  Local Same Zone Other Zones 
Up to 500 gram 220 Rs 260 Rs 310 Rs 
In between 500 gram to 1 Kilogram 270 Rs  320 Rs 360 Rs 
Extra 500 gram  150 Rs 180 Rs 180 Rs 

What are the items I can send via Flyer Express? 

There are three categories of items you are supposed to deliver using this service. 

Items  List  
Digital and Electronic devices Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Watches, PCs, LEDs, and so on 
Delicate Stuff Glasses, Gifts, and other fragile items  
Documents ID card, Birth Certificate, Nikkah Nama, Domicile, Transcripts, Passport, etc. 

What is Leopard Flyer Tracking? How Leopard Express Tracking Work?

Leopard Flyer Tracking allows the user to check the active status of their parcel and track its location. You can do this by simply putting the parcel’s unique tracking number in the tracker available on the official website page. So, you do not need to go to the office to determine the active status or call the helpline for any reason regarding this specific information which is a very convenient feature like Leopard Express Tracking

Other than that, you can check the integration of LCS online tracking that LCS has signed eFulfillment services with e-commerce and e-tailers so that customers track their ordered items precisely. Another quality service provided by LCS is that it enables you to start at home and let your documents get attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Not only this but Leopard also offers services like eFulfillment by Leopard Courier.

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