Leopard Courier Charges and Cash on Delivery

Leopard Courier Charges / Cash on Delivery / COD

Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. provides safe and reliable services to its clients around the country, from ordering a letter or package to picking up an expensive item at the warehouse. It gained a reputation for its excellent services and outstanding quality control system during its initial years.

Today, Leopard Courier Charges is one of the largest couriers operating with a network of over 1600 licensed couriers spread across four continents. Let’s have a look at leopard courier service Pvt Ltd.If we cannot deliver the requested item as per the plan, we return the item to your customer as per their requirements. There are no extra Leopard Courier Charges for its services; the Leopard cod account is when you receive an item.

Leopards Courier is a leading courier services company with significant expertise in moving and delivering packages across Pakistan. Sometimes, Leopard provides items that cannot ship by any other means. Upon receipt of such requests, we determine if it is feasible for us to perform the requested task, and if it is, we prepare a shipment plan that reflects our best efforts.

Leopards COD services in Pakistan is the fastest and most reliable courier service available in Pakistan. The best rates for best cod services in Pakistan are below:

Compelling Features of COD

  • Payments made by cash on delivery in Pakistan are collected.
  • Key account management tailored to your needs
  • Handling that is safe and secure
  • Delivery is as quick and reliable as Cash on Delivery.
  • By air or by land allows for quick and secure delivery.
  • The maximum weight restriction is 35 kg.
  • 24/7 Customer Care

Leopard Courier Rates Pakistan

Here is the cash on delivery Pakistan rates for overnight shipments are as follows:

  • The luggage for Cash on Delivery weight up to 500 grams is charged around Rs. 165 within city transfer whereas for national locations it is from Rs 195 to 205.
  • The luggage for Cash on Delivery weight up to 501 grams to 1Kg is charging around Rs. 195 within city transfer, whereas for national locations, it is from Rs 235 to 245.
  • The luggage for Cash on Delivery weight up to each additional Kg is charged around Rs. 150 within city transfer, whereas for national locations, it is from Rs 170 to 180.

Leopard courier Pakistan international rates

Leopards expanded their area to the international sector by establishing offices in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom and forming international partnerships to increase their delivery network globally. A Leopard Courier charges the customer’s account from the amount of money that has been deposited into it at the time of delivery.

Leopards Courier Services, Pakistan’s largest Courier and Logistics Management Company, has announced a fantastic discount of up to 65 percent on shipments to the United Arab Emirates. Customers can now send shipments to the UAE at the lowest guaranteed prices available in Pakistan.

Even better, Leopard Courier Charges is offering a free Pickup Service, where they will collect your packages from your home. Leopards offer low Leopard courier Pakistan international rates and provide efficient, cost-effective, and dependable courier and logistics services in the UAE.

COD ServicesWeightIntercityNation Wide
Over Night500 gm to 1 kgRs 165-195Rs 195-235
Economy5 kgRs 400Rs 400
Overland10 kgRs 600Rs 600

Cash on delivery saves from fraud

Leopard Courier Charges provide a solution for consumers: to reduce the risk of fraud and default by using mobile money interfaces to execute cash on delivery orders and bank transfer payments directly from consumers’ bank accounts. It helps to reduce the time everybody could lose from financial mismanagement, which is efficiently prevented if everyone used this service.

Its innovative Leopard Courier Charges services and Leopard courier rates in Pakistan are aimed mainly at consumers living in developing countries where financial services are not readily available or affordable. The Leopard courier helpline tries its best to provide its clients with the best possible services and tools. Moreover, Leopard couriers have the best efficiency to achieve the highest levels of excellent performance and effectiveness across Pakistan.

Some points to be noted

  • GST will apply following the law, as well as a Fuel Surcharge. At your request, insurance was obtained.
  • Leopard Courier Charges for shipping handling, which apply to all shipments valued more than Rs. 3000. If flyers are included in the package, you will be charged Rs. 15 for a medium pilot and Rs. 25 for an extensive brochure.
  • Shipments with a value of more than Rs. Thirty thousand per piece would be rejected. Leopards Courier reserves the right to refuse transport of any products that are deemed illegal by the law.


In short, Leopard Courier LCS cod is the only reliable and cost-effective courier company in Pakistan that offers many services. It has built its reputation on providing professional and reliable services at affordable prices. Further Leopard courier complaint saves their clients from any trouble. Moreover, Leopard courier service Pvt Ltd offers its clients a wide range of services like Letter & Package Services, Fulfillment Services, House Collection & Storage, and many more.

Last but not the least, if you want to check the tracking status of your current parcel we’ve got you covered.

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