Best Cubes of 2017

When it comes to best cubes, everyone has their own opinions. Some prefer the controllable and smooth speed of a flagship, while others enjoy the unique turning of a puzzle like a Square-1 or clock.

There are many companies that create twisty puzzles. Some are older and have a more budget-friendly feel, while others are more up to date with hardware improvements.

1. Gans 356 V2 Master Edition

This cube is the flagship 2017 release from world-renowned record breaking speedcube designer – GAN. It features the latest design improvements that have resulted in improved hand feel and increased speed.

Newly designed edge and corner magnet tracks lock the magnets in place, so they will never drop. This improves the cube stability and makes it easier to turn. The cube also has a world-first honeycomb contact surface that allows the lube to be evenly spread, creating a smooth and stable handfeel with a longer lube lifespan.

The cube has a fast and smooth feel right out of the box with a little bit of tensioning. It is also a good choice for beginners because it is easy to control and doesn’t pop as often as some other speed cubes.

The cube comes with a GES+ system with core distance and elastic force adjustments, making it easier to tune than previous GAN-designed cubes. The cube also includes a metal adjustment tool, 3 sets of springs with varying tensions, and a set of spare nuts and washers.

2. MoYu WR M

The MoYu WR M is the latest flagship 3×3 speed cube from one of the leaders (and pioneers) in the industry. It offers a range of fun extras and a premium feeling in the hand, while also performing very well for competitive cubers. It comes in standard, MagLev, and Ball-Core versions with a variety of spring compression and magnet strength options available. It is also the first cube to feature center caps magnets that repel the edge and core magnets for better auto-alignment.

Cubes optimized for speed have a dry feel and minimal resistance between layers, making them fast and easy to turn. However, the trade off is less control, so it’s important to choose a cube that matches your skill level and preferences.

3. YuXin Little Magic

The YuXin Little Magic is a great cube for those looking to get into speed cubing but don’t want to break the bank. Featuring a solid level of quality and adjustability at an easy to swallow price, it’s a savvy jumping-off point into the rabbit hole.

Founded around 2013 (in one of the worst times for cubing), YuXin are known for their big NxN puzzles and pillowed 3x3s and were founded by an engineer from Verdes Innovations, who has a wide patent portfolio when it comes to big NxN engineering.

The YuXin Little Magic is an upgraded factory magnetised version of their popular budget 3×3. It’s fast, stable and has a premium feel to it. It also features a dual adjustment system for tension and compression, and a standalone adjustment of the magnet strength. Corner cutting is excellent and the cube doesn’t pop or twist like a lot of cheap 3x3s. The only downside is that it’s not as smooth as the top-end cubes on this list, but it’s still a great cube overall.

4. Coogam

Speed cubes are designed with speed in mind and are the types of cubes most used in competitions like time based Rubik’s Cube events. They are optimized for speed, with less friction between layers that results in a light feeling and minimal effort to turn. They also tend to have a dry sound and feel to them, which can make them hard for beginners to control.

Qiyi is a huge innovative twisty puzzle and speed cube manufacturer that is known for their budget friendly offerings. Their cubes are often considered some of the best value options for speed cubing and are a great starting point for those on a budget.

The YuXin Little Magic is a factory magnetized speed cube that performs similar to more expensive ones, offering excellent overall speed and performance at a budget-friendly price. It is available in both stickered and stickerless versions and has a fast, smooth, and controllable turning feel that makes it one of the best cubes for beginners.

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