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What’s Next For EVE Online In 2024

The 2024 EVE Online roadmap includes play tests for Vanguard, two main expansions, SKINR ship customization, and Corporation Projects updates.

Buy EVE ISK from U7Buy and don’t worry about running out of money ever again! The EVE Online plans for 2024 were laid out. The roadmap has been revealed. Exciting times are ahead of us. The 2024 roadmap contains four sections pertaining to each yearly quarter. Preparations for the EVE Vanguard release have started. We will be able to test this new standalone experience that is connected to the main game throughout the year. Now, let’s see what awaits us in each quarter. The Havoc update is planned for the first quarter. The second quarter comes with the Summer expansion and the Capsuleer Day event. The Alliance Tournament will arrive in the third quarter. The year ends with the Winter Expansion and the Crimson Harvest and Winter Nexus events.

EVE Online Updates Throughout 2024

The first major EVE Online expansion won’t be here for several months, but arrangements for it are already starting. Players will take advantage of the new technology and resources to construct and personalize their spaces in the Null Security Space. This will result in new conflict drivers and tasks. Big corporations won’t have any shortage of promising endeavors. The same can be said for those who are not afraid of seizing the chance when one presents itself. Exposed areas will always be at risk because of the resources they hold. Players will realize that maintaining security over their space is of utmost importance. Moving on to the next point of the 2024 agenda, EVE Online players will have more tools to customize their experience. They can already create custom Upwells thanks to the SKINR feature in the Viridian expansion. Starting in the summer of 2024, SKINR will also work with ships. Employing a wide palette of colors, patterns, and designs, players will be able to create custom skins. You can keep these skins for your fleet or you can sell them for profit.

EVE Online Corporation Projects Become Bigger and Better

Corporation Projects is a feature from the Viridian expansion. Since their release, they have been a junction point between organizations and their members. The corporation rulers and project managers play an integral part in creating this experience. The plan for 2024 is to make their compensation and yours better. The Corporation Projects will become more complex. Those who are not members will be able to undertake freelance missions. These will transform into a means of recruitment, not to mention that they’ll provide opportunities to earn EVE ISK. More ways to contribute to these projects will be introduced as well. The project requirements will accommodate more ways to complete the tasks. The plans for Corporation Projects are to make them a foundation for corporate life with more diverse missions and flexible objectives. They will also have a better link to current happenings and the game economy. In addition to all the EVE Online updates, the CCP team is also working on Vanguard. Monthly play tests are available to Omega players. Thanks to U7Buy, EVE Online players can benefit from professional coin-selling services at reasonable prices!

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