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Best Ideas to Have a Virtual Happy Hour

Are you familiar with the term ‘happy hour’? Traditionally, the terms refers to some discount on alcohol or any other food item in a restaurant or bars etc. However, the term is also being used at some places for the time that the workers of an organization get for having some tea or gossips after completing their tasks.

Nevertheless, in this covid-19 pandemic period having a physical happy hour is not possible. Therefore, we provide you the ideas to host a virtual happy hour on the digital platforms. This happy hour should be more exciting and engaging then the physical one because it is an opportunity for everyone to have fun with the coworkers in the current depressed period. Therefore, you can add various games and trivia quizzesin your happy hour party.

So, let us plan an exciting virtual happy hour and decide about the themes and activities.

  1. Reach out the Guests Earlier

The first thing to do while hosting a virtual happy hour is to reach the guest few days earlier. It is necessary to know their availability. This step will also help you to decide about the number of guests to be invited. The suggested number of guest is minimum three and maximum ten. A large group of guests can lead to improper time allocation for everyone.

  • Select a Platform

In the first step along with the guest’s availability, the date and time will also be decided. Therefore, the next step is now to choose a platform. There are various digital platforms to arrange a meeting such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and House Party. These all might have some pros and cons but you have to choose the best one, which has more of the features you want.

  • Theme Selection

Having a theme in the virtual happy hour you planned will definitely bring smiles on the guest’s faces. They will surely engage and participate in the event more actively. Therefore, adding a theme is an amazing idea for a happy hour.

The theme selection will be decided based on the purpose of the virtual happy hour. If the happy hour is arranged to celebrate someone birthday or success the theme may include his/her favorite color, food, characters etc. Moreover, if the purpose is to have an organizational meeting and fun then the theme can be related to the organization. 

  • Choose the Menu

Any event or gathering is incomplete without food or drink. Therefore, how our virtual happy hour cannot have a food or drink menu? You can choose a drink or snacks in the menu, which will be easily affordable for everyone and enjoy while having conversations and laughter. Try to select simple food such as a cocktail, beer or any appetizer so that everyone can have it while having a face-to-face meeting. In addition, during the pandemic period a low budget food item would be more preferred by everyone.

  • Plan the Activities

The last thing to decide for planning a virtual happy hour is the games or activities. There are various games to play virtually but you have to choose those, which are more interactive.

Our suggested games are Pictionary, Scattergories, Two Truths and a Lie, Cards against Humanity, Heads Up, and Trivia Games. These are some of the most interesting and interactive games to choose for the virtual happy hour. There are many more in the list you can select among those if find more interesting.

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